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“"En ma Fin gît mon Commencement..."

"In my End is my Beginning..."

This is the saying which Mary embroidered on her cloth of estate whilst in prison in England and is the theme running through her life. It symbolises the eternity of life after death and Mary probably drew her inspiration from the emblem adopted by her grandfather-in-law, François I of France: the salamander. The Salamander self-ignites at the end of its life, and then rises up from the ashes re-born.…

From: http://www.marie-stuart.co.uk/Mariaregina.htm

Around Mary Stuart - “En ma fin gît mon commencement”.  “In my End is my Beginning..."

A musical journey through the life of Mary Stuart : her youth, her wealth, her loves and her death.

Music by G. Carissimi, R. Schumann, G. Donizetti, R. Wagner

Francesca Lanza, soprano, Paola Poncet, piano

About the artists….

Francesca Lanza, Soprano & Paola Poncet, Piano