There is no specific seating for the concert, which starts at 17:15  (5.15 pm). Please arrrive at the latest at 17:00.

There is a bar with wines, bubbly and non-alcoholic cocktails which opens at 16:30.

TThe concert itself takes place in the choir.
(Drinks not allowed).

Beginning of Concert

18:00 Intermission

18:20 Resumption of concert

18:45 End of concert, bar open

For concert goers who have dinner reservations:

19:15 Dinner                 

20:15 Dessert and coffee

20:45 Closing Concert -Dining Area (Chorus)
Bar is open.

21:30 Church closes.

For these concerts we will use an 1885 Erard
Grand Piano. Because of the period in which it was built this is, essentially, a modern instrument.

But why not a Steinway? (Or something, like that?)

The answer: almost all the romantic composers grew up with pianos that were straight strung like the Erard and not like the cross strung Steinways and their ilk who would later win the battle.

The difference? Straight strung Grand Pianos sound brighter and have a different timbre in each register. Cross Strung pianos sound smoother.

More on this……

Great Church EDAM

Chamber Music Season 2017

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A very brief history of the piano, leading to the Erard and the Steinway…